West Vancouver Plumbing


West Vancouver Plumbing & Drainage

Newport Plumbing & Drainage has proudly catered to the plumbing needs of the residents and businesses of West Vancouver since the doors opened in 1996. Newport Plumbing & Drainage has consistently and continually exceeded the plumbing needs of many customers in the West Vancouver area.

From repairs and improvements on poor workmanship to clogged pipes or replacement of electrical water tanks, we have been invited  into many West Vancouver homes and businesses to make sure that the work is properly done and complies or exceeds municipal code.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Newport Plumbing and Drainage is here to provide the most economical, long lasting solutions to your plumbing & drainage needs and to always go above and beyond the call of duty on every single job, regardless of size and budget – your neighbours have said so!

West Vancouver Plumbing

For guaranteed service in the instalment, repairs or renos of the plumbing of your West Vancouver home or business – be they pumps, toilets, tanks or water lines bathroom faucets & showers contact Newport Plumbing & Drainage.

West Vancouver Drain Cleaning 

From the kitchen sink drain to the main house water and sewer lines, you will have access to the latest equipment, technology and expertise to have your home’s drains flowing smoothly. With the North Shore receiving on average 100” of precipitation per year, the damage to homes created by improperly installed and maintained drainage systems alone can be very costly over the lifetime of home ownership. Newport Plumbing believes in preventative plumbing – do it right, inspect it regularly and fix it quickly has proven to dramatically increase the comfort and reduce the cost of living for our clients.

West Vancouver Hydro Jetting

If you have sewer problems, Newport Plumbing Hydro Jetting may be your solution.  Don’t assume you need costly, invasive and damaging replacement and repairs to fix the problems in your sewer lines. Newport Plumbing’s Hydro Jetting System is a safe, environmentally friendly proven method which uses high pressure water to clear debris in your sewer line.  From single family homes in West Vancouver, to multi-unit buildings in the Ambleside area, this is an important piece of preventative maintenance.  By combining optimum pressure flow and specialty equipment, we can handle virtually any type of project!

West Vancouver Camera Inspection Service

Let tomorrow’s technology work to reduce risk and improve service to your home. Newport’s camera inspection includes HD pics & video and a built in problem locator to quickly and efficiently pinpoint the problems that need to be resolved. This provides you and your contractor with valuable, accurate information to make the right renovation decisions. Quickly and accurately determine where to connect a new line and save thousands of dollars in expensive renos. Let us show you how!

West Vancouver Renovation

Our client’s needs are met for jobs from small bathroom and kitchen renos to complete home renovations. From condos to homes to businesses to recreational properties, Newport Plumbing has become synonymous with outstanding value and service in West Vancouver. Let us review your plans today!